Monday, September 13, 2010

we are home, blessed and love our birth mom :)

God is beyond faithful. I WILL post more when I have time lol but just so you all know, we are home with OUR little one and SO thankful for our birth mom and all she has sacrificed to make this happen. We are praying for her all of the time and although many do NOT understand our one has too bc WE know God orchestrated this all and we are SUPPOSED to have this relationship. Honestly, if I have to be honest (and i can's MY blog right and I AM know ME..haha) we ONLY get upset when people question US and our decision and why we are STILL here for her. ANSWER(S): 1) Because God called us to be! 2) Because we love her 3) Because we are NOT the kind of people to just look out for us, take a precious gift from someone and not care about her 4) we are forever thankful for her and 5) she does NOT take us for granted but considers us just as much of a blessing for helping her and Lily get in a better place in life. SO, all that said...we are GREAT and more to come.We love you ALL!!!! just know that when God works and moves, it's not always "typical" or "common" or for our human minds to have to understand!!! His ways are Higher than mans!!! :) going to add more later about our first few days home!!!! been AMAZING!!!

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  1. I HAVE to say....I am beyond impressed with your relationship with the birth mom and Lily. I've seen you hurt for them, be happy for them, cry for them, LOVE them well, and best of's genuine. I've had the privilege to watch it, ask questions, pray for them along with you all and I have NO doubt as I told you before as Sara Beth grows up and hears her story it will mean more to her than any of us can fathom that you have the relationship you do with her birth mom. Your obedience and love is encouraging and I think I can honestly say you and Jayuff have taught me more than anybody about life, love, relationships and God through watching your lives.