Friday, September 3, 2010

spent a week with our birth mom and little girl :)

So, I just got home yesterday after spending the week with our beautiful and amazing birth mom and her 21 month old. She had two dr appointments I was able to take her too and I got to see the 3D ultrasound. Of course, I cried like a baby!! So did our birth mom, as soon as she heard that Sara Beth was ALREADY 8 lbs!!! haha...she cried for a different reason!! BLESS HER!! She supposedly has another 3 1/2 weeks but we go back Tuesday for another ultrasound and they may induce because Sara Beth is growing and SO healthy. Jeff and I will BOTH be at this one!! :) The technician said with tears in her eyes that she had never ever seen such a beautiful ultrasound with such a healthy gorgeous heart. She showed us her diaphragm moving so well, meaning she is breathing well on her own AND we may have a singer on our hands....yay!! :) She has gorgeous, full, pouty lips, looks like a head full of possible curly hair, chubby cheeks, a beautiful nose, long feet with wiggling toes, kept yawning and is in the "ready" position. Has been for DAYS. Our birth mom is in so much pain and SO tired, understandably. SO, please continue to pray for her and that all will go smoothly. She may go into labor before the ultrasound Tuesday according to the doctor. We are getting everything together here. I can't believe how quickly God moved once we started this process. Most adoptive parents wait for at least a year or more and we started with the lawyer June 15th and here we are!!!!! MIRACULOUS! Our relationship with our birth mom is a gift from God and we have so much peace. We are blessed beyond words in ONLY a way God can bless! :) We are praying for her life to be blessed and for God to overwhelm her and Lily with His love now and after the birth of our little one. What a beautiful, precious gift she is giving us!! How can we even say thank you? We will always protect and love Sara Beth unconditionally and she will forever know she is safe, secure and in God's loving arms! That's how!! :) Thanks you for all of the prayers. Please continue to pray because we still need a good bit of finances to come in to complete the adoption. It's all supposed to be given before she's born, but because she's coming early, the lawyer is being very understanding. People have been so gracious and we are SO much closer to our goal. Again, we had more expenses than expected but KNEW God would provide. AND HE IS!!!! We'll keep you posted and when I have time (haha) I WILL share all the small but HUGE details that will  bless your heart as they have blessed ours simply because we see GOD in it all!!!! more to come soon....... (oh if anyone has a little table for Lily to sit and color or a small bookcase for Lily, please let me know via email or Facebook...thank YOU soooo much!!)

Click Here for ultrasound pics!!

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